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To maintain your pilot’s license, you’re required to go through routine aviation medical exams and physicals. At the office of Donald C. Siegel, MD, FACS, in Decatur, Georgia, Dr. Siegel takes care of all of your required Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) paperwork and performs all related testing. Schedule your aviation medical exam today by clicking on the online booking feature or by calling to speak with a team member.

Aviation Medical Exam Q & A

Why do I need an aviation medical exam?

An aviation medical exam, required by the FAA, is a routine part of maintaining your pilot’s licensing and credentialing. In general, the purpose of an aviation medical exam is to ensure you’re healthy enough to fly and to check for any progressing conditions that may be of concern. You need an aviation medical exam to obtain a medical certificate if you fly:

  • Airplanes
  • Helicopters
  • Gyroplanes
  • Airships

Aside from maintaining your licensing, an aviation medical exam is also an important step to take before beginning flight school. This specialty physical can alert you to any concerns that may prevent you from becoming a pilot before you go through all of your training.   

What happens during an aviation medical exam?

At the office of Donald C. Siegel, MD, FACS, you can go through either second class or third class aviation medical exams. The second-class medical certificate is for commercial pilots, whereas the third-class medical certificate is designated for flight students, or for recreational or private pilots.

Your physical may vary depending on your specific medical license requirements, but in general, aviation medical exams include:

  • Near, intermediate, and distant vision screenings
  • Ear, nose, and throat examination
  • Hearing and audiology testing
  • Mental health screening
  • Color vision testing
  • Blood pressure check
  • Blood draw
  • Urinalysis

Occasionally, some serious conditions result in a denial, although usually, Dr. Siegel defers chronic medical issues to the FAA. Conditions such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, bipolar disorder, or nervous system disorders are some of the common conditions that result in deferment for further evaluation.

How do I prepare for my aviation medical exam?

Dr. Siegel is a former United States Air Force surgeon and has decades of experience in caring for pilots and performing aviation medical exams. You can feel confident that Dr. Siegel is going to help you throughout your entire physical and processing of paperwork. To best prepare for your aviation medical exam, it’s helpful to:

  • Go to the FAA website and fill out an application. Bring this application to the appointment.
  • Bring in one form of government identification
  • Make a list of all medications, including dietary supplements
  • Gather medical records from specialists, such as cardiologist treatment records

Dr. Siegel counsels you through every step of the aviation medical exam process, even if you need a deferment for further evaluation.

You can undergo your routine aviation medical exam at the office of Donald C. Siegel, MD, FACS. Book your visit by clicking on the online scheduler or by calling the office directly.