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Donald C. Siegel, M.D., FACS

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It’s important to build a relationship with a family practice physician who knows you and every member of your family. At the office of Donald C. Siegel, MD, FACS, in Decatur, Georgia, your entire family can receive the dedicated medical attention they need. Whether you need to become established with a primary care provider, or if you have an injury or illness, Dr. Siegel can help. Schedule your exam online or call the clinic to book.

Family Practice Services Q & A

What are the benefits of a family practice doctor?

A family practice doctor is a combination of a pediatrician and an internist. They have specialized training in all areas of health care for children, adults, and seniors. Family practice providers are beneficial because:

  • Children over 10 won’t have to switch doctors when they’re older
  • All of your family’s medical records are under one roof
  • They can track inherited disorders or traits

Building a relationship with a trusted family practice doctor also saves you time because you will not have to book visits with multiple providers. Instead, you can schedule back-to-back visits for you and your children, so you won’t have to make multiple trips.

What happens during an annual physical?

Annual physicals are important for children and adults of all ages. These routine exams are essential for general wellness and preventive care, as well as to intervene if anything is out of the ordinary. At the office of Donald C. Siegel, MD, FACS, you receive an annual exam tailored to you, based on your age, health history, and current concerns.  

Depending on your needs, your annual physical can include:

  • Height and weight check (body mass index or BMI)
  • Lab work, such as a urinalysis or blood draw
  • Heart rate and respiration checks
  • Heart and neurological screenings
  • Head-to-toe physical examination
  • Vaccinations, including flu shots
  • Hearing and vision screening
  • Blood pressure check
  • Abdominal exam

As an established board-certified general surgeon, Dr. Siegel has extensive knowledge of the human body. He’s able to quickly pinpoint any health abnormalities and request special screenings if needed.

How often do I need to see my family medicine physician?

As long as you’re generally healthy, Dr. Siegel tends to recommend once-a-year physicals. But there are other times outside of your routine annual visits when you might need to have an evaluation, including:

  • Sick visits
  • School or sports physicals
  • Employment health screenings
  • Aviation medical exams

Dr. Siegel can even perform a general wellness exam if you’re getting ready to travel overseas. He can administer any essential vaccinations that may be required or recommended based on your area of travel.

Book your family practice evaluation at the office of Donald C. Siegel, MD, FACS, today. You can conveniently book an exam for yourself or a member of your family online or over the phone.