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Comprehensive wound care is essential if you have slow-healing wounds, poor circulation, or another issue that can lead to a serious infection (even amputation). Board-certified surgeon Donald C. Siegel, MD, FACS, provides innovative wound care solutions including wound VAC at his private practice in Decatur, Georgia. If you have an open sore, ulcer, burn, or wound, schedule an evaluation with Dr. Siegel right away. You can conveniently book an appointment either online or over the phone.

Wound Care Q& A

Why do I need wound care?

Wound care is an important part of taking control of infection, promoting tissue healing, and preventing your risk of amputation. You may need comprehensive wound care management if you have:

  • A wound that is not healing within two weeks or has not healed after six weeks
  • Pressure sores, surgical wounds, foot ulcers, or radiation sores
  • Exposed organs, connective tissues, or blood vessels
  • Diabetes, poor circulation, or nerve damage
  • Dead tissue or gangrene

Sometimes it’s the location of your wound that’s concerning. For instance, if you have a wound near a joint, like over your elbow, because your skin stretches frequently, the wound may not be able to properly heal. In a case like this, comprehensive wound care management is essential.

Which wound care treatment is the most effective?

At the office of Donald C. Siegel, MD, FACS, you can receive innovative wound care treatments and wound care management right in the office. Dr. Siegel specializes in Vacuum Assisted Closure® (VAC) wound closure treatments, which is among the most effective wound care solutions available.

Vacuum-assisted wound closure involves decreasing air pressure on the wound so tissues can heal faster. The wound VAC treatment thoroughly cleanses your wound, seals it with dressing and film, and attaches a drainage tube.

This tube is linked to a portable vacuum pump that you wear all day — you can walk around and go about your daily activities. The pump removes air pressure from around the wound on a regular basis. Then every 24-74 hours, you change your dressing.  

Not only is Dr. Siegel a pioneer in vacuum-assisted wound closure, but he also has experience with management of burns dating back to 1968, including skin grafting, at the Cook County Trauma & Burn Unit in Chicago. Dr. Siegel even served as a consultant to the Georgia Poison Center for chemical exposure and venomous snake bites, so you can feel confident that he can treat the most complex of wounds.

What are the benefits of vacuum-assisted wound closure treatments?

Dr. Siegel provides vacuum-assisted wound closure treatments because of their high effectiveness rates and fast results. Wound VAC treatments are beneficial because they:

  • Help excess fluid drain away from the wound
  • Decrease swelling and inflammation
  • Draw wound edges together
  • Promote blood flow to the area
  • Minimize bacteria in the wound

Because of Dr. Siegel’s advanced training in wound care management, he can personalize your treatment plan. He spends time teaching you about proper nutrition, caring for your wound, and even wound prevention. Dr. Siegel tailors your entire wound care management plan to you.    

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